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I’m a tech executive with experience leading teams, driving a global platform strategy, and developing world-class integration solutions. I graduated from college with a BS in mathematics and minor in computer science. I've been working in product & technology for over twenty years in a variety of positions from engineering to product management & strategy. Each role has given me a new perspective to create innovative solutions from idea to production to operations. My focus for success is being value-driven, balancing short-term wins with long-term strategy, and always looking at the whole when introducing change.

My Skills

My core strengths are leadership & strategy. I have built many teams over the years and one of my core values is transparency. Teams that have context, understand the big picture & are empowered to make decisions provide better solutions for the immediate tactics as well as the long-term strategy.

I am experienced in a number of disciplines including:

  • Product management
  • Program & portfolio management
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Engineering & quality assurance

Sustainable growth requires a holistic strategy, focused on the connections between technology and people. An impactful enterprise strategy not only takes technical architectures - infrastructure, applications & data - into consideration but also includes business architecture. Focus on people & processes in an enterprise strategy enables an organization to take full advantage of rapidly evolving technology for long-term success.

My Passions


Outside of the office, I love the outdoors! I'm a big fan of camping, though our camping these days is more "glamping" but it still gets us outside, enjoying a hike with the dogs. I also enjoy photography, crafts and the occasional concert.

My Values

My core values are integrity & trust, people first, and efficiency through optimization. I thrive in a culture of teamwork.

My leadership purpose is to transform technology and culture to speed innovation in a sustainable way, and foster creativity & experimentation with a data-driven mindset for constant improvement.

I am passionate about the big picture and optimizing for maximum value. I love sharing my experience, helping teams align goals, and architecting solutions that fit the business today & into the future.

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